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PYTH USDT Strong Support Level and Next Target ( Trading Signals )  🚀 Dec 29, 2023

Pyth Network

"The  Pyth Network, recognized as the largest and rapidly expanding  first-party oracle network, offers a remarkable service to financial  dApps. With a wide reach across 40+ blockchains, Pyth provides real-time  market data, boasting an impressive collection of 380+ low-latency  price feeds covering cryptocurrencies, equities, ETFs, FX pairs, and  commodities.
Notably, the Pyth Network achieved an all-time high on Nov 20, 2023  (approximately a month ago) at $0.6544, reflecting a decline of -47.85%  since then. As of today, the current price stands at $0.3315 (Dec 29, 2023),  representing the latest update on Pyth Network's market value."

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